COVID-19 Update – June 10, 2020 – Team BC Select Program for summer 2020 will be delivered online through a virtual program. A message from our Technical Director regarding program changes can be found HERE. Full Team Select BC program details can be found below. 

The Team BC Red & Blue Program aims to immerse athletes to a high performance training environment where physical, technical-tactical, psychological, and life skills will be developed. Typically, athletes train to compete annually at the Canada Cup.  For 2020, the Team BC Red & Blue Program is being delivered online through a combination of paced and self-directed activities for athletes.


Head Coach – Darrin Moreira
Assistant Coach – Kelvin Ma

Head Coach – Julie Young
Assistant Coach – Sarah Loedel


Athletes will be lead through a 6-8 week online program that will include technical, tactical, physical, psychological and life skill development opportunities. The program will be lead by the Team BC lead coaches, and will be supported by the IST lead Athlete Wellness Academy.   Athletes can expect 1-2 x 60-90-minute online video meetings a week, physical prep program, guest presentations as well as other at home activities for athletes to complete.

Eligible Athletes: BC athletes born in 2003 or later.

Selection Process: There is not selection process for the 2020 Team BC Red & Blue program. It is open to all eligible athletes.

Program Dates:  July 7th – July 30th, 1-2 weekday evenings/week (Tuesday/Thursday*). *session schedules are subject to change

Proposed Schedule: 1-2 x 60-90 min group sessions per week. Group sessions will take place on weekday evenings, and will consist of small breakout groups, video observation, group discussion to engage athletes in learning the program content. Athletes will have additional offline activities to complete.

Athlete communication: Athletes and coaches will connected using Zoom meetings, SLACK group messaging. Recordings of online video session will be available, the expectation will be athletes attend online meetings in order to best engage the program. Coaches will also be engaging with Athletes offline throughout the 6 week program.

Program Fees – $230 + GST

Fees include all online sessions, physical prep program, and offline athlete support.

Registration Due: June 24 extended to July 5th – Register HERE

Have a question? Email Technical Director Jay Tremonti –