Youth Outdoor Tournaments

Please note that all participants will require either a Volleyball BC Competitive Membership, or a Recreational Membership. If you have played as part of a club team in the same year, you will have an active membership. Please ensure you use the same account that was used for registration during the club season.

If you do not have an active membership, you can purchase one before purchasing your event. Information on how to purchase a membership is listed below.

Register for the event:

  1. Please CLICK HERE or click the “REGISTER” button at the top of the page to access our registration system. Before clicking this link, please look at the schedule above to find information on each individual event.
  2. If you are creating an account, you will receive an email to activate your account. Please do this prior to attempting to register.
  3. Please select “Events” from the menu on the left or “Add” under events in the centre of the page. A list of volleyball events will be listed in order by date. Select the event. You may also filter the list by selecting appropriate Event Group (Youth – Beach (Competition))
  4. Enter the purchaser’s information as prompted. Then enter the registration information as prompted. “Team Official” will be the team captain, or person who is responsible for the registration (this can be a parent or coach as well).
  5. Each of your roster players will receive a link to complete their own account. Reminder that all players must be added to a team’s roster and have accepted their position on the team in order to be eligible to play. Only those on the roster will be allowed to play. In some cases you will be able to return and edit the partner information if it changes. ALL PLAYERS NEED TO GO IN AND ACCEPT THEIR POSITION. INCLUDING THOSE WHO COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL REGISTRATION.
  6. Make payment with the secure checkout (you will receive an email confirmation that you have been registered).

Important – please Activate your account (first email you receive) BEFORE you click through to accept your roster position on your team (second email you receive). If you have problems activating your account please click here.

Purchase a membership (if you do not have an active membership):

  1. Please CLICK HERE or click the “REGISTER” button at the top of the page to access our registration system.
  2. Follow the same steps as above, but click “Register/Renew” for the ability to access memberships.