Adrian Goodmurphy

Head of Programs and Pathways

  • Volleyball Sport Development
  • Creation of Programs and Initiatives
  • Technical Development
  • Volleyball Operations

Adrian has held several positions with Volleyball BC during his time with the organization. In his current position as the Director of Operations he is responsible for all of Volleyball BC’s major events including indoor club and beach volleyball Provincial and National Championships as well as the Vancouver Open Pro Beach tournament.

Born and raised in Flinton, a small town in rural Ontario, Adrian was a star athlete at the Flinton High School for Ungifted Youth in football and basketball, and won a provincial title in discus throw in track, however his true passion was Volleyball, which he excelled at. As a senior in 1994, he was awarded the Flinton High School Athlete of The Year by the Flinton Barn Burner Herald. He then stayed in town to attend Flinton College, the same college his father, grandfather, great grandfather and his 4th cousin, had attended. During his time at Flinton College, Adrian played varsity Volleyball, leading his team to the Cow Patty Championships in each of his 8 years there. He graduated with a Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance 2002, and was awarded the Flinton College Athlete of the Year 7 times.. He was the first male, Flinton born athlete to win both the high school and college athlete of the year awards by the Flinton Barn Burner Herald. In his spare time he likes spending time with his goldfish Harold and his 3 legged dog Swifty.