Looking to the future – we want your input!

Volleyball BC is looking to develop a new Strategic Plan to guide our direction from 2025 onward.

Our current Strategic Plan ran from 2021-2024 and has taken us on a journey to prioritise safe sport, coach and referee development, diversity, inclusion, and member engagement.  We are proud of what we have achieved – these infographics show a snapshot of volleyball in British Columbia today and our major accomplishments over the past three years.

We are now looking to develop our new plan – and we would like to hear from you!

How do we support the development of volleyball in BC?

What are the challenges that you see facing volleyball?

What should be the priorities for Volleyball BC for 2025 and beyond?

Complete our Player Survey or Coach & Referee Survey and put forward your thoughts about the future of volleyball in BC.

All entries will be eligible for a prize draw featuring gift cards and swag!

DEADLINE: MAY 17, 2024