13/14U Volleyball BC Provincial Championships Wrap-up

April 29th to May 1st, the 13/14U Provincial Championships took place at the Tradex Convention Centre in Abbotsford, BC. A total of 144 boys and girls club teams took part in the event and over 1700 athletes and 3000 spectators were on hand for the tournament.

Finals standings for all divisions is as follows:

 13U Boys - Division 1 13U Girls - Division 1 13U Girls - Division 2 13U Girls - Division 3
1stVictoria Chargers Black1stThunder Blue1stDucks Rob1stFocus Fire
2ndOrangemen Orange2ndSeaside Surf2ndDucks Bill2ndVictoria
3rdDelta Surf3rdForce3rdBCO Platinum3rdForce 12U
4thOrangemen Black4thAir Attack Gold4thSCVC Pink4thSky Red
5thForce5thFVVC5thSeaside Wahine5thElevate Riazi
6thFocus Fury6thAir Attack Black6thRaincity Riptide6thBCO Blast
7thAir Attack Black7thSCVC Black7thActionauts7thElevate Larson
8thISBA Barn Owls8thRaincity Rush8thRMVC Royals8thSky White
9thAir Attack Gold9thSeaside Storm9thPack CB9thVolleytech '03
10thBCO Black10thFocus Strikers10thVelocity10thSubzero Chill
11thElement11thPGYVC Kodiaks11thPack AH8thSky White
12thSeaside Surf 12U12thCR Crush12thCV Strikers Blue9thVolleytech '03
13thSubzero Quest13thThunder White13thElevate Kayser10thSubzero Chill
14thAir Attack White14thT2 Crew14thSubzero Blizzard
15thSeaside Storm 12U15thBCO Pride15thSky Blue
16thThunder Silver16thSubzero Aurora
 14U Boys - Division 1 14U Boys - Division 2
1stFocus Xplosion1stApex Vortex
2ndSeaside Surf2ndAirborne Blitz
3rdAirborne Attack3rdFocus Storm
4thOrangemen I Dig It4thSynergy
5thAir Attack Gold5thKelowna Krunch
6thVictoria Chargers Black6thSubzero Ice Pack
7thAir Attack Black7thOrangemen Lions
8thThunder8thKelowna Kraters
9thForce9thPGYVC Kodiaks Black
10thSky Black10thCV Strikers
11thSeaside Storm
 14U Girls - Division 1 14U Girls - Division 2 14U Girls - Division 3 14U Girls - Division 4 14U Girls - Division 5
1stClub Gecko1stRaincity Riptide1stFocus Elite1stFocus Lightning1stPeak Pride
2ndBCO Onyx2ndThunder Silver2ndAction2ndPGYVC Kodiaks Black2ndKelowna Krushers
3rdThunder White3rdVictoria Black3rdSky Blue3rdNorth Shore Stars White3rdNorth Shore Stars Red
4thMariners Blue4thSeaside Storm4thAir Attack Black4thPowell River Aces4thVolleytech '02 Blue
5thSCVC Pink5thPack Paul5thApex Aftershock5thSky Red5thPeak Power
6thRaincity Rush6thElevate McLean6thVolleytech '02 Black6thPack Brad6thCV Strikers White
7thDucks HP7thSynergy Red7thElevate Jarvis7thPower West7thAce of Aces
8thForce8thThunder Blue8thMariners Black8thSynergy Blue8thSynergy 134
9thSeaside Surf9thBCO Storm9thApex Flash9thDigging Divas
10thTwisted Sisters10thFVVC10thDucks Kelly10thSubzero Blizzard
11thSCVC Black11thAir Attack Gold11thElevate Groenig
12thAirborne12thVelocity12thSky White
13thT2 Crew13thDucks Adil13thFocus Fusion
14thPGYVC Kodiaks Red14thVictoria Red14thCR Crush
15thSeaside Riptide15thCV Strikers Blue15thNorthwest
16thBCO Fire16thSubzero Avalanche

Match scores and results:

13U Boys Provincial Championship Results

13U Girls Provincial Championship Results

14U Boys Provincial Championship Results

14U Girls Provincial Championship Results

The official clothing and equipment retailer of the event, Canuck Volleyball, had a great selection of shirts and sweatshirts on sale along with shoes, socks, and anything else the athletes needed at the tournament.

Our official event photographer was Paul Yates of Vancouver Sports Pictures and his team captured amazing images of the athletes all weekend long. They’ll be in Abbotsford again for the 15/16U Provincial events so teams will want to make sure to stop by the table and pre-order their photos and team posters.

Baden is the official indoor ball of Volleyball BC and the new VCOR ball was used exclusively at all 17/18U tournaments this year. The Baden Perfection is featured at our 13/14U and 15/16U events.

Upcoming events:

15/16U Volleyball BC Provincial Championships May 6 – May 8 @ Tradex Convention Centre Abbotsford, BC

Event videos may be viewed on the VOLLEYBALL BC YOUTUBE CHANNEL

The event photos are shown below –