Summer Wrap-up Beach Exhibition

We couldn’t end the summer without some beach volleyball! Make sure you join Volleyball BC for the first and last beach volleyball event of the summer.

We only have a limited amount of spots per category, so make sure you sign-up as Friday, August 28th is the cut-off date! The event will be held at Spanish Banks and it’s $40 per person to enter.

13-14U Boys & Girls
15-16U Boys & Girls
17-18U Boys & Girls

Adult 1-star (Men & Women)
Adult 2-star (Men & Women)

Where: Spanish Banks East

When: Saturday, August 29th and Sunday, August 30th

Cost: $40/team

Format: Pool Play Only

This event will be waved.

 Check-In:First Match:
AM Wave8:00am8:45am
PM Wave2:00pm2:45pm

Age categories and maximum team registration:

Age/GenderDay:Wave:Maximum Registration (teams):
Men’s 2-StarSaturdayPM12
Women’s 2-StarSaturdayPM12
Men’s 1-StarSaturdayAM8
Women’s 1-StarSaturdayAM8
17/18U Boys (combined)SaturdayAM12
17/18U Girls (combined)SundayAM12
13/14U Girls (combined)SundayAM12
15/16U Girls (combined)SundayPM12
15/16U Boys (combined)SundayPM8
13/14U Boys (combined)SundayPM4

How to register:

  1. Please CLICK HERE to create an account in our new registration system.
  2. Once you create an account, you will receive an email to activate your account. Please do this prior to attempting to register.
  3. Please select “Events” from the menu on the left or “Buy” under events in the centre of the page. A list of volleyball events will be listed in order by date. Select the event. You may also filter the list by selecting appropriate Event Group. In this case it will be “Youth – Beach”
  4. Enter the purchaser’s information as prompted. Then enter the registration information as prompted.
  5. Make payment with the secure checkout (you will receive an email confirmation that you have been registered).

*All Provincial, Federal and Volleyball BC Health & Safety protocols and procedures will be in effect.*