There are several resources that are helpful for beginning referees. Below you will find information on mandatory Criminal Record Checks, Rules, Uniforms, Current referee match rates, External Course Credit, and more.

Extras/Scoresheet Tutorial

Financial Assistance Request Form excel This form is to be used when requesting funds from the Domestic Development Fund, High Performance Fund or ROC Fund. Scoresheet Tutorial Click here to go to the Scoresheet Training on Volleyball Canada website to be re-directed to the Indoor Scoreheet PowerPoint slideshow.

TRIPLE BALL Scoresheet Tutorial with Fair Play (powerpoint). Click Here. Electronic Funds Payment (EFT)  All payments from Volleyball BC are now administered electronically via direct deposit. Click Here to download form.

Referee Safety Guidelines

Criminal Record Checks

As of 2014, all referees are required to complete a Criminal Record Check (renewable every 5 years) and a screening disclosure form (renewable every year). Referees that will be exempt from completing a criminal record check will be: people under the age of 19, current valid teachers, or professions required under the Criminal Records Review Act (proof is required for all). Click here to see the governing bodies under the Criminal Records Review Act. If you are not exempt you may obtain a Criminal Record Check via:

  • Local RCMP or Municipal Police Department
  • My Back Check –
  • Please note we are still clarifying whether or not mybackcheck will be an accepted CRC moving forward. Please check back here in the coming weeks for more information. If you have any questions please inquire to [email protected]. Thanks

Screening Disclosure Form Click Here to access the Screening Disclosure Form. (Please fill out and send a scanned copy back to: [email protected]

Rules / Guidelines

Minor Official Training Information

Resources are available for Volleyball Teams for the 2019 Club Season. Minor Officials are expected understand execute their roles and responsibilities to the satisfactory of the First Referee. Visit the Minor Official Training Page for more information.

Referee Uniform & Equipment

Volleyball Canada Referee Uniform Volleyball BC has a small stock of Volleyball Canada Referee Uniforms at Harry Jerome Sports Centre. For more information regarding uniforms purchasing, ordering and/or fittings, please contact Glenn Wheatley [email protected] **Please note that pick up/purchase of uniforms must be arranged in advance** We carry referee shirts and pants for both men and women. The sizes we carry are listed below: Women’s & Men’s shirts – S, M, L, XL Women’s pants: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 Men’s pants: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 **Some sizes are limited Uniforms can also be purchased through Volleyball Canada HERE. Their site includes referee uniforms (shirt & pants), jackets, starter packs, rulebooks, cards, whistles For details on how to place a bulk order please email: [email protected]. Referee Equipment Volleyball Canada Indoor Rulebooks (2016-17) can be purchased online through Volleyball Canada. Click HERE to view the 2016-2017 rulebook online as a PDF Document (electronic version) Please contact Just Volleyball to purchase line flags, warning cards, hand pump, air pressure gauge, net chain, whistle, etc. **Please note – Volleyball BC does NOT sell any more referee equipment aside from a selective stock of uniforms. For all whistles, rulebooks, ball pumps, pins, flags, cards see above to where you can now purchase.

Clinic & Allocation Paperwork

Level 1 (Local) Clinic Paperwork List of Candidates – excel Clinician Summary – excel Tournament Allocation Summary 2017 – Google Excel

Fee Schedules

External Course Credit

Volleyball BC Referees are eligible to receive External Course Credit for Referees 11 (4 credits) as a Local Referee and Referees 12 (4 credits) as a Provincial Referee. For each of the Course Credits 50 hours must be officiated. For more information please click here.


These links are for the 2017/18 season

  • U SPORT  Men Playing Regulations – Click here
  • U SPORT Women’s Playing Regulations  – Click here
  • Paddle Clarification
    • Referees are to ensure that the substitution paddle box remains between the coach and assistant coach chairs, near the substitution zone, during the match. As long as the paddle box remains between the first and second chairs on the bench, and the paddles are there at the conclusion of each set, there is no problem if the paddles are in the players possession in the warm up area. The Referees will ensure that the paddles are in the correct order at the start of each set, but the coach and team take responsibility during the set if they remove the paddles from the box. If a team can not find the appropriate numbered paddle to make a substitution, the Referees are instructed not to wait for them to find the paddle nor will the Referees allow the substitution to be made without the appropriate paddle.
  • Ipad Clarification:
    • An ipad on a tripod in the warm up area would not be allowed since it creates a risk to the athletes. A handheld ipad on the bench would be allowed as long as the VC rules pertaining to bench members are followed.
  • Screening Guidelines – Click here

Beach Membership Fees 2021-2022

**These fees are for Beach referees that are also indoor referees.

L1 (Local) TBA L2 (Provincial) TBA L3 (National) TBA L4 (International)TBA

Indoor Membership Fees 2021-2022

L1 (Local) $71+GST = $73.55 L1 (Junior) $31+ GST = $32.55 L2 (Provincial) $76+GST = $78.80 L3 (Regional) $116+GST = $121.80 L4 (National) $136+GST = $142.80 L5 (International) $151+GST = $158.55