The following resources are available for Volleyball Teams for the 2019 Club Season. Minor Officials are expected understand execute their roles and responsibilities to the satisfactory of the First Referee.

Minor Officials Checklist (For print & distribution)

Minor Officials Training Workshop (Video explanation of each role)

Minor Officials Training Document (PDF)

Click here to go to the Scoresheet Training on Volleyball Canada website to be re-directed to the Indoor Scoreheet PowerPoint slideshow.

More information and questions can be directed to Glenn Wheatley.

For the 2019 Club Volleyball season, 15 & 16U Boys and Girls teams are required to provide Minor Officials (one second referee, two scorekeepers and two linespersons) for their opponent’s match).

i. Teams will be scheduled to Minor Officiate by the Event Director.

ii. Minor Officials must be athletes or coaches of the assigned team.

iii. The second referee must be a coach registered on the minor officiating team’s roster or an athlete supervised by a coach that is registered on the minor officiating team’s roster.

iv. Minor Officials can change between sets.

v. Failure to provide minor officials will result in escalating sanctions

1. 1st offense – $200 fine.
2. 2nd offense – $500 fine.
3. 3rd offense – unable to participate in Provincial

vi. Minor Officials provided must be capable of fulfilling their duties to the satisfaction of the First Referee. Failure to meet the satisfaction of the First Referee will result in the individual being removed from their role. The scheduled team will be required to replace the individual and may be assessed with an additional sanction by the Event Director.

vii. Failure to provide Minor Officials will be noted on the scoresheet and sanctions will apply.

viii. Teams will be required to provide trained Minor Officials at Provincial Championships. Teams that fail to provide trained Minor Officials at Provincial Championships will be sanctioned.

ReferencePage 21 of the 2018 Volleyball BC Club Handbook.