#Spikebullying Today and Always


Did you know that in last year’s survey of our members 49% said that bullying is an issue in volleyball? That is not a result that we are proud of. Bullying is a major problem in our schools, workplaces, online – and in sport.

On Pink Shirt Day – February 23 – join us to #spikebullying and commit to creating a positive, respectful and inclusive environment for all volleyball participants.

bullying in sport

Bullying is deliberately hurting a person either physically, verbally, psychologically or socially. It involves a power imbalance where one person has power or strength (eg. physical, mental, social or financial) over another. It can be carried out by one person or several people who are either actively or passively involved. In sports bullying can take many forms:

  • a parent telling their child they are useless
  • a coach alienating an athlete
  • a spectator verbally abusing players from the opposition
  • an athlete calling a referee names

Bullying behaviour is damaging to all involved. We all have a responsibility to take action to prevent bullying occurring and manage it when it does. (Reference: playbythe rules)

code of conduct & ethics

Bullying behaviours have no place in volleyball. When you sign up to be a Volleyball BC member, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct and Ethics.

This code outlines appropriate behaviour to uphold our core values and provide a positive environment where everyone is treated with respect and fairness. It applies to Volleyball Canada, Volleyball BC and our clubs and it covers activities and events, including competitions, practices, tryouts, travel, and meetings.

The Code of Conduct has sections for Coaches, Referees, Players, Parents, and Spectators – take a read through about expected behaviour in each of your roles.

If someone breaks our Code of Conduct – by bullying or by other inappropriate behaviour – a complaint may be formally made using our Discipline and Complaints process


  • Take the viaSport BC online pledge to show your personal commitment to a positive sport culture in B.C.
  • Wear a pink shirt on Pink Shirt Day, February 23, and post on social media with #spikebullying.
  • Connect with and tag us on social media so we can share your supportive message.
  • Check out the resources below to learn more about creating a positive culture in volleyball.