a. Volleyball BC strongly encourages the cooperation of its membership to ensure all volleyball participants have a positive experience. 

b. Volleyball BC has a zero-tolerance recruiting policy that will remain in effect for the 2023 club season.

c. Club representatives (coaches, administrators, team staff, parents/guardians, athletes, etc.) are not allowed to contact athletes from a club other than their own at any time for the purpose of recruitment.

d. With the implementation of the Early Signing Period, athletes are not required to provide Proof of Release.

i. Club representatives must still abide by the Recruiting Policy and are not allowed to contact athletes from a club other than their own at any time for the purpose of recruitment.

e. Once athletes have registered with a club (paid any portion of club fees or signed a contract with a club), they are committed to that club for the remainder of the season.

i. Tryout fees are not considered a portion of an athlete’s club fees.

f. Athletes that depart from their club prior to March 10, 2023, may compete for another club for the remainder of the 2023 season. Athletes that depart from their club after March 10, 2023 must wait until the 2024 club season to compete.

g. All cases will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Regional Development Committee. Club representatives are encouraged to contact Volleyball BC if further clarification regarding the Recruiting Policy is needed.

h. Violations of the Recruiting Policy can be submitted, via email, to [email protected].

i. The following penalties will be assessed to members found in violation of the Recruiting Policy.

i. First Offense – $1000/violation fine to the club.

ii. Second Offense – 365-day suspension (served by the Head Coach) from all Volleyball BC events/programs, completion of “Making Ethical Decisions Module” and completion of “Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation”.

iii. Third Offense – lifetime suspension (served by the Head Coach) from all Volleyball BC events/programs and forfeiture of NCCP Technical Volleyball Components

The short answer is… NO.
Those individuals (or groups) would be considered a Team Representative of that club or team and the purpose of this Direct Communication would be classified as “recruitment.” 

A Team Representative refers to any individual representing a volleyball club or specific volleyball team. This can include coaches, administrators, recruiters, current or former athletes, parents of current or former athletes, or any other agent facilitating communication between a team (or teams) and an athlete.

Direct Communication refers to a personalized, individual and/or directed message from a Team Representative to a specific athlete or group of athletes. At no time is Direct Communication permitted with athletes from another club.

Indirect Communication refers to a non-personalized message from a Team Representative that is either available to the general public, or is a response to a query that provides no more information than is available to all athletes.

Here are some suggestions.

  • Use the media. Put notices and information in your local news/media outlets.
  • Create notices with information about your club or team and distribute them through local schools, community associations, recreation centers, etc.
  • Place notices and increase awareness through social media channels (facebook, instagram, twitter…)
  • Build a website.
  • Hold coach or athlete development clinics.
  • Attend local school tournaments and hand out flyers, pamphlets, etc.
  • Hold an open tryout camp.

It is important to note that all communication should fit the definition of “Indirect Communication” provided above.

If the athlete has initiated the contact it is permissible to provide “Indirect Communication” with information specific to your club activities, teams, programs, etc. 
Communication should always take place in in the presence of adults that accompany the young athlete and additional personnel from the club are recommended. Establishing this environment is in the best interest of both parties.

All potential Team Representatives are responsible for knowing and following Volleyball BC’s Recruiting Policy. 

Athletes and their families are encouraged to aid the recruitment process by ensuring that the policy and guidelines are followed, and where possible, resolve minor (unintentional and intentional) violations.

All members of Volleyball BC are responsible to:

  • be vigilant of violations that place athletes in uncomfortable circumstances and/or threatens their health/safety; and or provides a competitive advantage for one club versus another.
  • respectfully identify violations to an offending Team Representative in an effort to self-manage, correct, and resolve the matter (prior to Volleyball BC intervention)
  • communicate with Volleyball BC via email with a detailed description of the offense including the identity of the offending Team Representative(s) and the affected athlete(s).