Catching Up With Kiera Van Ryk

Current UBC Thunderbird and former Team BC standout, Kiera Van Ryk is currently in Japan playing with the Women’s National Team at the World Volleyball Championships. So far she’s having a heck of a tournament and sits second on the team (45th overall) in points scored with 20 through two matches.

We caught up with Kiera just before her first game and she had this to say about what it’s like suiting up for Volleyball Canada.

QUESTION- Has it sunk in at all that two years ago you were getting ready to start your Grade 12 season in high school and now in a few days you’ll be playing in the World Championships for Canada?

As a player and as a person I have grown a lot in the past two years, which makes the fact that only two years ago I was entering my last year of high school seem so distant. Starting Grade 12, I could have never imagined myself two years later, in Japan, about to take on the world while representing my country with such a great group of women. It has been a goal of mine for a couple years now to be on the court wearing the Canadian flag. Despite my excitement to achieve this goal, I don’t think I can say it has sunk in yet that I have been given this amazing opportunity to be across the globe playing the sport I love for the country I love.

QUESTION- You’ve played in some fairly big moments with Team BC and UBC, how has suiting up with Canada’s Senior National Team this past summer compared to the other big moments you’ve had in your career?

I’ve had many different experiences and opportunities through volleyball over the past few years such as playing Team BC, Junior National Team and most recently playing for UBC, rather than comparing these experiences to the past few months, I would say these big moments have really given me a place to learn and practice working through adversity, maintaining composure and playing through pressure.

QUESTION- What are your goals for the World Championships?

I really like to win and shoot for the best. Over the past few months our team has really grown and taken a great step forward. I think we have a great chance to do well in this tournament and really take on some of the best teams in the World. I’m excited to see how far we can go and I’m ready for the challenge.