2020 AGM Recap

Volleyball BC held their 2020 Annual General Meeting electronically on Saturday, June 20, 2020.

Some highlights from the AGM:

  • Doramy Ehling elected President
  • Jamie Hatch elected Athlete Representative
  • Boris Tyzuk was thanked for his many years of service on the board and volleyball in BC. He will continue to help the board and grow the game in the province.
  • Bryan Gee elected as the Regional Development Committee Club Representative
  • Grant Thornton elected as the official 2020 auditors of Volleyball BC

The new Board of Directors is as follows:
President – Doramy Ehling
Vice President – Rayel Bausenhaus
Treasurer – Rob Hill
Athlete Representative – Jamie Hatch
Director at Large – Ryan Gandy
Director at Large – Chantz Strong
Director at Large – Jake Cabot

To view the minutes from the AGM and all related information and documents, click HERE and then click on the ‘Annual General Meeting & Annual General Report tab.