10 Great Volleyball Gift Ideas

If you need some fun and useful gift ideas for that special volleyball player in your life, we have some great suggestions that are sure to bring a smile.


1. Volleyball Shoes

You’d be surprised how many volleyball players are wearing shoes that aren’t designed for volleyball and don’t offer the proper support or cushioning for the sport. Even for those wearing the correct shoes, it’s recommended that volleyball shoes are replaced every season, so now is the perfect time to check out some of the top volleyball shoes currently available.

MIZUNO WAVE LIGHTNING Z ($139.97) use VBCVIP in the VIP code area to receive discount

mwwlz_kr_lrgDesigned with the elite athlete in mind, this shoe combines stability and speed, helping make you the quickest player on the court. The new and improved 3 layer seamless upper is lighter with an improved fit. Mizuno’s Parallel Technology disperses shock throughout the sole, providing lightweight cushion and enhanced stability. Dynamotion Fit Technology relieves stress the foot naturally places on a shoe, keeping the perfect fit. The D-Flex groove in the outsole allows the foot to shift weight from lateral to medial allowing more acceleration, agility and quickness. Enhanced XG Rubber outsole for improved traction and flexibility. Weight: 8.4 oz.

ASICS GEL – CYBER SENSEI ($159.98) use VBCVIP in the VIP code area to receive discount

B504N-WKG_lrgThe top shoe in the ASICS Volleyball Family, the new GEL-Cyber Sensei™ is equipped with all the bells and whistles a volleyball purist looks for in a stability and support shoe. The newly redesigned upper features improved breathability and flexibility, while an updated volleyball-specific Impact Guidance System (I.G.S®) supports the foot during high-level play. With a focus on stability, this shoe is valued by elite volleyball players everywhere. Weight: 11.6 oz.

You can check out both of these models along with a large selection of other Mizuno and Asics volleyball shoes at Canuckstuff.com.


2. Wearable Jump Monitor

VERTmainPIC-709x589VERT Jump Monitor ($125.00 USD)

Volleyball players are always concerned about their vertical, but measuring it properly usually requires setting up cumbersome equipment. The clever VERT wearable jump monitor allows players to track their vertical jumps during training and in games. This is a small device (similar to a FitBit) that you wear on your waist and it can record your jumps in real time and display them on any iOS device. It can calculate your 1 touch, measure your highest jump and your average, while also keeping track of how many times you jumped in each session. It will chart your results or you can export and email them. It’s advertised as being within 1.5″ accurate compared to traditional jump stick type measuring systems.

The company is based in the U.S. and the shipping cost to Canada is currently $25.


3. Baden Volleyballs

Baden VCOR ($69.95) 

VCOR-image_largeYou can’t go wrong with giving your special volleyball someone the most advanced volleyball ever made (read article). The VCOR is a new composite volleyball that achieves its versatility through innovative design and construction. Notably, the ball has 12 panels – down from the traditional 18 – flatter seams and a dimpled, proprietary cover material called TruFlight™. Combined, these elements enable flight properties that cause the ball to play more accurately with harder hits and behave more unpredictably with softer hits. VCOR also employs an innovative design technique called SpinTrak™ in which like colours are grouped on the ball to enable players and line judges to more easily track spin and movement.

Volleyball BC has picked the VCOR as the official ball for our 17/18U club teams this season. This was also the official ball for the BC High School Boys teams and was used at the BC Championships in Langley.

Baden Perfection ($64.95)

VX5EC220If you’re not a fan of the new composite-style balls, then why not pick up the full grain leather ball that is Volleyball BC’s official ball for our indoor leagues and club events – the Baden Perfection! The Baden Perfection is Baden’s top-of-the-line leather volleyball and lives up to its name thanks to a multitude of engineering innovations. An exclusive leather cover feels amazing and is 33% thicker than traditional balls, while a super-light bladder keeps it at an official weight. The Stealth Soft-Valve System™ creates a consistent feel throughout all 18 panels and provides cushioning around the hidden valve.


4. Ankle Protection

If you play volleyball long enough there will eventually be a play where your ankle is in danger of getting rolled. Ankle injuries aren’t fun, so the best way to prevent them is to wear a volleyball-specific brace that offers increased protection.

Active Ankle T2 ($49.95) 

kt2_lrgActive Ankle T2 was developed with the serious athlete in mind. Exceptional level of protection with a quick-fit single strap. The most popular volleyball brace on the market! Unlike other ankle braces that rely on bulky plastic hinges and restrict your mobility, the T2 brand ankle brace allows for more fluid motion and reduced bulk so you can perform at your personal best. Designed for any athlete who wants to protect an injured ankle or prevent injury of a chronically injured ankle without bulk or weight. Features a durable, quick-fitting single-strap system that is adjustable for both high- and low-top shoes. Featherlight EVA padding that hugs every contour of the ankle. Sleek, less bulky brace that offers maximum performance and protection.

ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer ($49.95)

asoas_k_lrgThe ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer features a stirrup strap that captures the heel to help restrict ankle motion. Stabilizing strap forms a figure-eight to help protect and support ankle. Dynamic cuff protects against high ankle sprains. Low profile and will fit in any type of shoe. Bilateral design fits the left or right foot. Ballistic nylon boot provides tremendous strength and durability. Each ankle brace is sold separately.


5. Volleyball Kneepads

While they may look similar, any volleyball player can tell you that all kneepads are not created equal. The wrong kneepad can rub and pinch or restrict movements during the game. It’s best to go with a quality kneepad from a respected manufacturer.

Mizuno VS-1 ($25.95)

kvs1_w_k_lrgMade from a polyester/cotton/spandex blend, the MIZUNO VS-1™ volleyball knee pads absorb shock and enhance cushioning properties to provide increased patella, lateral, and medial protection. They feature D.F. Cut™ foam pads for superior fit without bulk and the MIZUNO Intercool™ ventilation system to keep you cool on the court.

Mizuno LR6 Highlighter ($29.95)

mlr6hk_spdb_lrgThe Mizuno LR6 Highlighter Volleyball Kneepads feature D.F. CUT pads for greater freedom of movement on the court, so you are ready for every play. VS-1 padding in high impact zones of the kneepad delivers durable protection during the match while providing complete patella, lateral and medial protection as well. The Mizuno LR6 Highlighter Volleyball Kneepads also feature a 6″ sleeve length with a low-rise, no-fold design to keep you protected and comfortable on the court. 50% Polyester, 22% Rayon, 28% Elastic.


6. Team Canada Volleyball Gear

Official Team Canada National Volleyball Team Jersey ($94.49)

men-s-team-canada-official-jersey-1-canadaThe Canadian Men’s and Women’s National Volleyball teams have had some impressive wins in 2015 and both are hoping to qualify for the Rio Olympics next year. Pick up an official national team jersey or a replica version and show your support for the national teams! There’s also other great clothing options available for you to show your Canadian spirit, including hats, shirts, shorts, and hoodies!


7. Volleyball/Gym Team Bags

Mizuno Lightning Duffle ($64.95)

mld_gro_lrgIs the volleyball player in your life always trying to stuff their shoes, clothing, and ball into a backpack or old gym bag? Maybe it’s time to surprise them with a bag specifically design for getting all your sports gear from home to the court. New bags now feature separate areas for your shoes and accessories. Check out all of the cool bags available from Canuck Stuff.


8. Water Bottles

It’s no fun to hydrate with an old water bottle that leaks or is fading/cracking. So a new bottle makes for a great holiday gift. Not to mention that a water bottle can be used for any number of activities outside of volleyball.

nalgeneNalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Water Bottle 32 oz ($12.25)

While the new glass models are cool, for the sport athlete we’d suggest looking at a BPA free plastic bottle or a nice stainless steel model. The Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth and Narrow Mouth are popular plastic bottles and if you want to go really hardcore you could take a look at the Hydro Flask Stainless Steel bottles. They even have a 64 oz stainless steel beer growler model.


9. Rollers

Travel Roller 4.3 ($36.45 USD) use coupon code ROLLVIP-15 to save 15%

travelroller4.3If you’ve been to any volleyball event lately it’s very likely you’ve seen athletes using these round devices to “roll out” their muscles before the next match. The Travel Roller® is the Ultimate Foam Roller and the Official Recovery tool of Volleyball Canada.  Experience a 27/4 massage therapist in your gym bag. Recover & Roll before and after games and practices to improve Athletic Performance, manage pain, and roll out the aches and sore muscles anywhere/anytime! The Travel Roller® is an essential tool for Volleyball athletes to prevent injury, recover faster and perform your best.


10. Sport Socks

Mizuno Performance Plus Crew Socks ($11.95)

mppcs_kw_lrgSeems like someone is always complaining that they got socks as a gift, but that’s probably because they weren’t volleyball socks! Seriously, there is a huge difference between a standard sock and a sport sock. The Mizuno Performance Plus Crew sock has heel and forefoot cushioning, DryLite moisture wicking, and X-Wrap technology for stability.

Check out all of the sport sock options available from Canuck Volleyball!