Thunder alumni combine for bronze at CIS nationals

It was a remarkable weekend for former Vancouver Thunder athletes at the CIS national Championships in Hamilton Ontario.  Not only did u18 alumni  Briana LIau Kent win a gold medal with the UBC thunderbirds, but three other Thunder alumni won bronze medals as the McGill Martlett’s stunned the opposing Montreal Carabins in a thrilling bronze medal match.  Ola Kozba, Jacqueline Ng, and Kristina Pavlovic, pictured above with their former u18 club coach Beathen Thomas, were essential in overcoming their heavily favoured opponents.  Jacqueline Ng served two critical aces and punctuated the final set with a massive block to secure McGill’s victory while Pavlovic similarly provided great blocking, steady defence and consistent passing to allow the Martlett’s to continually pressure their opponents.  These three BC girls were only a small part of the huge contingent of BC girls represented at our university national championships and many coaches were commenting at just how complete so many of the players coming out of BC were.  Clearly the girls have benefited from the coaching, training and intense competition provided in BC and were able to handle the pressures of tournament play at the highest collegiate levels in Canada.