Volleyball BC relies on referees in order to host a large number of events such as Provincial and National Championships each year.

If you are interested in becoming an referee or would like to set up a clinic for a group of students/individuals please contact your Area Rep or one of the following clinicians:

    • Fraser Valley: Rick Cross crossbowvba@hotmail.com
    • Lower Mainland – David Tam l1certification@gmail.com
    • Vancouver Island – David Caughran westcoast.dave@gmail.com
    • Okanagan – Bruce McElroy – BMcElroy@summer.com
    • Beach (Province-wide) – Brian Hiebert- brianhiebert@hotmail.com

If you would like to upgrade to become a Provincial (Level 2) Referee please contact your Area Rep for more details.

Clinics are held throughout the year to certify referees, the majority of the indoor clinics are held in Sept/Oct with some additional clinics available Jan/Feb/March each year.

What is a Volleyball Referees’ Clinic?

The novice and local referees clinic is designed for students, teachers, players, coaches and parents interested in officiating junior high school matches and introductory tournaments.

The clinic consists of 2 components: Theory session & Practical Evaluation

Theory Session (6-8 hours)

     •  Minimum number of participants: 9
     •  The theory session can be one day or can be spread over 2-4 evenings.

Practical Evaluation

     •  Observation and critiquing will be provided while candidates perform all roles of refereeing in a match/tournament situation.
     •  The practical session will take place at a tournament usually run by the clinic host.

Emphasis at the clinics:

      •  Technical and human skill required
      •  Knowledge, interpretation and application of all rules
      •  Use of referees’ equipment and working tools
      •  Operating procedures and mechanisms of refereeing
      •  Game procedures and protocol

Candidates should expect to write a closed book exam on the rules at the end of the theory clinic.

Hosting a Clinic

If you are interested in Hosting a Level 1 referees clinic please see the requirements below:

Clinic Materials and Requirements

What will Volleyball BC provide?

     •  Fully qualified clinician(s)
     •  Theory and practical critiques
     •  Clinic manuals
     •  Supervised exams for candidates

What will hosts provide?

     •  A minimum of 9 candidates; classroom with an overhead projector, markers, and a blackboard.
     •  Collection of all clinic fees and payment made to Volleyball BC upon completion of the clinic.
     •  Volleyball court set up in a gym during the theory portion of the clinic.
     •  Appropriate tournament, league or play day practice in order to evaluate the candidates at the proper certification level.  It is recommended to have the practical evaluation not more than one week after the theory session.

Host Costs

Hosts cover the following costs, or increase the participant fee:

Practical Evaluator:
1 evaluator for 2 courts side by side             $20/hour
for each additional evaluator needed           $20/hour

Clinic - Cost & What to Bring

Clinic Costs for Participants

$90 / candidate includes: VBC Membership ($59.85), Theory Session ($25), Clinic Manual ($5.15)

Optional: 2016 Rule Book (order online: http://store.volleyball.ca/)

Badge: $15 – only for purchase once you pass exam and evaluation

The cost is based on a minimum of 9 participants. If fewer than 9 participants are registered the cost will likely increase/participant.

What should candidates bring?

To the Theory Session: pen/pencil, note paper

To the Practical Session: uniform [navy golf style shirt, navy blue pants (not jeans), running shoes], referee’s whistle, pen/pencil, coin

Levels of Success

Novice:  Good scorekeeper, linesperson; beginning referee and umpire for junior high school.  This is a Beginner rating. (Must score 50% or higher on the written exam)

Local:   Excellent scorekeeper, linesperson, good referee and umpire for junior high school; beginning referee and umpire for senior high school. (Must score 80% or higher on the written exam)

Local badges will only be awarded to successful candidates upon completion of both theory and practical sessions, and registration with VBC. The cost for a local badge is $15.

For more information on referees programs, contact Glenn Wheatley – referee@volleyballbc.org or 604-880-9323