Raise Your Voice for Sport in this Election

Sport is more important than ever.

We believe in the power of sport. We know that sport builds – belonging, communities, friendships, leaders, healthy people, connection, confidence, and resilience. Sport gives us an outlet and permission to play during times of shared anxiety and stress.  Sport is more important than ever as we focus on our economic recovery, and is vital to the continued health of British Columbians.

British Columbians are headed to the polls on October 24. And we need your voice to advocate for sport.

In volleyball, like other sports, local clubs are our lifeblood.  COVID-19 has impacted every sector of life in this province—and the sport community is no exception. Many organisations are in a precarious situation and rely on a variety of funding mechanisms, including government.  This election we want to make sure that candidates from all parties recognise the importance of continued support of the sport community in BC.

Please join us raising the profile for sport in these 5 ways:

  1. Click here to send a letter to your local candidates about the importance of support for sport.  This is quick, easy to do, and easy to share! 
  2. Follow @SportBC on social media to learn more about the campaign – like, share and retweet!
  3. Reach out to your local candidates and talk to them
  4. Participate in local election events and ask questions about sport.
  5. Remember to VOTE!

Get in the game! Join us and raise your voice for sport in this election.