Proof of Vaccination for Sport in BC

Effective Monday, September 13, the Public Health Order on Gatherings and Events comes into effect which implements mandatory proof of vaccination for non-essential activities.  Please respect and comply with all requirements set by facility operators. Thank you for playing your part in upholding the Public Health Order and ensuring that sport can remain safely open.

Adult Indoor Volleyball

Youth Indoor Volleyball

  • Individuals who are age 21 years and under who are participating in indoor volleyball activities will not have to show proof of vaccination.  In addition, any individual who is involved in supervising or direct delivering youth indoor volleyball activities is not required to show proof of vaccination.  This includes coaches, officials, trainers, staff etc. We are awaiting further clarification about how far this extends in definition.

Outdoor Volleyball

  • Proof of vaccination is only required for indoor adult team sport. It is not required for outdoor sport which means that individuals playing outdoor volleyball do not have to show any proof of vaccination.

Indoor Spectators

  • A gathering of over 50 people at “a ticketed sport activity” will require people aged 12+ to show proof of vaccination. This will impact larger, organised indoor volleyball tournaments. We will confirm the requirements for spectators at VBC tournaments and competitions in due course.
  • We are still seeking further clarification about spectators at smaller scale events and practices. In the meantime, please follow all facility requirements regarding proof of vaccination for parents, siblings, and other children who are not participating in the volleyball activity.
  • As per the province’s mask mandate, all individuals over the age of 12 years must wear a mask at all times in public indoor spaces, apart from when they are participating on-court.

Coach and Referee Development and Training

  • Course and clinics that are provided in an educational setting (eg. classroom, meeting room) are subject to the requirements for indoor “events” in the Public Health Order:  If the group includes 50 individuals or more, proof of vaccination is required. If the group is smaller than this, proof of vaccination is not required. 
  • If the course or clinic includes a practical, on-court session, this falls under “adult indoor sport” as defined in the Public Health Order and, therefore, all participants require proof of vaccination no matter what the group size.

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