New Provincial Health Order for BC – (November 19-December 7, 2020).

Effective midnight on November 19, 2020, the BC government announced a new health order that extends to the whole province of BC and will be in place for 2 weeks until midnight on December 7, 2020.  The health order has been put in place to significantly reduce social interactions and travel in response to the rising cases of COVID-19 across the province.   The official order has not yet been published on the Government of BC website.  However, in the meantime, the following measures extend to all volleyball organisations and participants in British Columbia:

Volleyball organisations and clubs may follow the protocols for Progressively Loosen Phase (Phase 3) which include games and practices.  As a reminder, some of the principles of Progressively Loosen include:

    • Full games and practices may resume
    • Close physical proximity should be minimized as much as possible.  Physical distancing must be maintained off-court (eg. pre and post-game) at all times.
    • Any introduction of volleyball activities involving either close proximity or physical contact should be done within a cohort.
    • Cohorts for volleyball should not exceed 100 individuals. All team players and substitutions must be included and counted in the cohort.
    • There may be up to 12 individuals on the court (six per side) at any one time.  
    • No spectators and no travel for teams outside of their community.

For all Progressively Loosen Measures see our full plan here.

There can be no spectators at any sport activities.  The only people allowed to attend sport activities are those that provide care to a participant or player. For example, providing first aid.

As an addition to this, Dr. Henry has recently indicated that many of the rising cases are coming from the social and community interactions around sport rather than playing sport itself.  We would like to encourage you to limit your interactions before and after participating in volleyball programming – this includes limiting congregating before and after, car pooling, and other social elements that often accompany participation in sport. 

Travel to, from and between communities for athletic activities like games, competitions, training and practices can continue with no spectators and no travel for teams outside of their community. For example:

viaSport BC is working with public health to provide more clarification about what “local community” means in the context of sport.  However, the main intent for the next two weeks is to limit the amount of travel that is taking place in the province so please reduce your non-essential travel, stay close to home, and follow all directions set by your volleyball programs and facility operators.

High performance athletes are not included in the travel restrictions. To qualify as a high performance athlete, you must be:

  • Identified by the Canadian Sports Institute Pacific as a high performance athlete affiliated with an accredited provincial or national sports organization
  • Already training in B.C.

Masks are now required for everyone in all indoor public settings, including recreation centres. Please respect all facility protocols about the use of masks.  We have been following Volleyball Canada’s lead for the latest research and guidance on mask use.  There is strong evidence that wearing masks reduces transmission of COVID-19, however there is currently mixed evidence on whether wearing masks during exercise is effective or whether it may create other health risks. During this order, please follow all facility protocols about the use of masks.  We also strongly recommend that coaches, referees, and staff/volunteers wear a mask at all times and that players wear masks at all times to and from the court.   We are continuing not to mandate mask-wearing during play on-court but we encourage you to make your own decision based on your situation.   

As we look forward to Winter, this is a pivotal time for managing the curve of the pandemic.  Please be informed and respectful of all return to play guidelines so that we can keep playing volleyball in a safe way.  We all need to reduce social interactions, avoid non-essential travel, and stay home if unwell.  Together we can play our part in keeping our communities safe!