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Thursday David Lam Park Coed 6s

May 21 @ 6:30 pm - August 13 @ 8:30 pm

| $770

This is a coed 6s league that takes place on Thursday evenings from 6:30 PM until dusk at David Lam Park in Vancouver.  Teams are comprised of six team members with a minimum of two per gender plus two additional players.  Teams will be divided into pools and will move between the pools based on their win/loss record.

The league is broken down into seeding, round robin matches, and playoffs.

League Dates: May 21, 28; June 4, 11, 18; July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; August 6. No league June 25.

League Coordinator: TBD

Cost: $770 (+GST)

If you experience any difficulties during the registration process, please contact SportLomo help at Support@sportlomo.com (please CC adult@volleyballbc.org so you don’t lose your spot).

To register in the event, please first create an account.

Teams returning from Summer 2019 will receive Priority Registration (for the same league, same night). An automated email will be sent, prompting them to register.

New teams can add themselves to the waitlist on March 13th by clicking HERE and selecting Thursday David Lam Coed 6s.

After creating your account and logging into the system, you will see the event(s) available for purchase.

Follow the steps to register your team, create your roster and submit payment.
Each of your roster players will receive a link to complete their own account. Reminder that all players must be added to a team’s roster to be eligible to play.

Important – Team Captains – please Activate your account (first email you receive) BEFORE you click through to accept your roster position on your team (second email you receive).

David Lam Coed 6’sSchedule


  • First night is seeding, followed by pool play with one week of playoffs.
  • Teams will be re-ranked each week, moving up and down between pools.
  • Pools of 4: 1st place – Up 2 pools; 2nd place – Up 1 pool; 3rd place – Down 1 pool; 4th place – Down 2 pools
  • Pools of 5: 1st place – Up 2 pools; 2nd place – Up 1 pool; 3rd place – will hold court; 4th place – Down 1 pool; 5th place – Down 2 pools
  • Teams play best 2 of 3 rally point sets to 21/21/15. First two games cap at 21, third game cap at 15. One team must score at least 5 points for the third game to count as a deciding set. If not enough points are scored, match is decided by total points in first two games.
  • Results will be based on matches won versus lost and any ties will be broken by games won versus lost, and if need be, points won versus lost between respective teams.
  • Winning teams must record their scores on the scoresheet.

Team Composition

  • 6 players – A complete team, with a minimum of 2 players of each gender on the court.
  • 5 players – Team may compete with no penalty; however, they must have a minimum of 2 players per gender.
  • 4 players or less – Team is considered incomplete and will lose the first game 0-21. A team with less than two of each gender is also considered incomplete. If after 10 minutes the team is still incomplete, they will be considered a complete default and lose the second game 0-21.
  • No new players may be picked up in playoffs. Players must have played at least once during the current regular session.

Team Captains

  • Captains are responsible for informing their team of all policies and procedures.
  • Captains are responsible for confirming that correct scores are recorded. If no score is recorded, the match will be considered a tie (21-0, 0-21).


  • Teams are responsible for refereeing themselves. Please be honest.
  • A service order must be established and maintained.
  • No open hand tipping.
  • The ball may be contacted no more than three times in succession by a team.
  • The block does not count as a contact.
  • While crossing the net, the ball may touch the net, even during the service action.
  • The ball must cross over the net between the antennae to remain in play.
  • A player may not contact the net with any part of his/her body or clothing.
    • Incidental contact of hair is not a fault.
  • It is not a fault when the force of an opponent’s contact of the ball hitting the net causes a player to contact the net.
  • It is not a fault when a player has incidental contact with posts, support cables, or referee stands.
  • A ball may not be carried or allowed to come to rest in a player’s hands.
  • Multiple contacts with the ball are allowed on the first contact if they occur during one attempt to play the ball.
  • The ball may be contacted with any part of the body; however, service must take place with the hand or arm.

League Coordinator

  • The league coordinator will make final on-site decisions. Please direct other questions or concerns to the Adult Program Manager at adult@volleyballbc.org.

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May 21 @ 6:30 pm
August 13 @ 8:30 pm


Volleyball BC


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12 Week League