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Men’s 2’s

June 26 @ 6:00 pm - August 21 @ 8:30 pm

| $230

League is full.

This is a men’s 2’s league that takes place on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 PM until dusk at Kitsilano Beach and Spanish Banks East in Vancouver.  Teams will play against two other teams each night, moving between pools (and beaches) based on their win/loss record.

League Dates:  June 26; July 3, 17, 24, 31; August 7, 14, & 21. No league July 10.

League Coordinators: TBD

Cost: $230 (+GST)

Important registration dates can be found on the main “Outdoor Leagues” webpage.

1. Click on the “REGISTER“ button above to visit the Volleyball BC Registration Website.

2. Log in. New users must click on the “NEW MEMBERS” option to create a free account.

3. Click on “Register for an Adult league, tournament or skills clinic” at the top of the page under the welcome information.

4. A list of upcoming events will be listed in order by start date. Select “Summer League – Wednesday Men’s 2’s and add your team to the waitlist.

Returning Teams – Teams who played in the Men’s 2’s last summer will receive Priority Registration. If your team name or team captain has changed, please notify the Adult Program Manager at adult@volleyballbc.org. Your team will be approved and you will receive an automated email reminding you to log back in to the system and complete payment to finalize registration. Your team is guaranteed a spot as long as you do this before priority registration ends. After this time, you will need to registered in the open registration with all other new teams.

New Teams – After the Priority Registration deadline, registration will open for teams to join the league. 

5. Select your team’s category of play, “AA, A, B, or C.” If you are unsure of your team’s skill level, please make an educated guess. The first night of league will be a seeding night.

6. Create and/or select a coed 2’s team. You are able to change your team name and edit your team roster after you are registered.

8. Make your payment. Please note that the system only accepts Visa and MasterCard. Visa Debit cards are not accepted.

9. You will receive a confirmation email with proof of payment.

Men’s Schedule

No league July 10.


  • Each week teams will play a 3 team round robin with reseeding between pools every week.
  • Playoffs will take place during the last week of league.
  • All teams play best 2/3 sets per match, each set to 21; 3rd set to 15 if necessary (no cap on any game).
  • Teams will play on the honor system (no refs).
  • Results will be based on matches won versus lost, any ties will look at sets won and lost between the tied teams.

Team Composition

  • 2 players on the court. A team consists of 2 males / 2 females (no co-ed teams)
  • No new players may be picked up in the play-off week (players must have played at least once during the current session).
  • Players are allowed to register a “designated sub”, but they must be registered with Volleyball BC prior to competition. If you have a designated sub, you are able to move up and down.

Incomplete Team & Default Team

  • If a team is absent at match time, the team will be considered incomplete and they will lose the first set 0-21. If after 10 minutes if the team is still incomplete they will be considered a complete default and lose the second set 0-21.


  • Captains are responsible for informing their team of all policies and procedures.
  • Captains are responsible to confirm that the correct score is recorded. If no score is recorded, the match will be considered a tie.


  • No open hand tipping
  • While crossing the net, the ball may touch the net, even during the serve.
  • The ball may be contacted no more than three times in succession by a team (NOTE: The block does count as a contact).
  • The ball must pass over the net and completely between the antennae to remain in play.
  • A player may not contact the net with any part of his body or clothing (EXCEPTION: incidental contact of hair is not a fault).
  • It is not a fault when the force of an opponent’s contact of the ball hitting the net causes a player to contact the net, nor is it a fault when a player has incidental contact with the supports or support cables or referee stand.
  • When setting the ball shoulders must be square to where you are setting the ball.
  • A ball may never be carried or allowed to come to rest.
  • Multiple contacts with the ball are allowed on the first contact if they occur during one attempt to play the ball.
  • The ball may be contacted with any part of the body (service must take place with hand or arm)


  • The league coordinator will make final on-site decisions. Further questions should be directed to Adult Program Manager at the Volleyball BC office at adult@volleyballbc.org.

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June 26 @ 6:00 pm
August 21 @ 8:30 pm


Volleyball BC Beach Locations
BC, BC Canada


Volleyball BC
604-291-2007 ext 224


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8 Week League