Spring & Summer 2018 Schedule

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All Spring and Summer Dates are tentative until the permits are confirmed. Overall league updates posted below.

It’s all about fun.

Volleyball BC boasts one of the best Adult Leagues around. Play grass volleyball at beautiful locations like Central Park or David Lam Park. Play at one of Vancouver’s most popular beaches: Spanish Banks – where it also lays host to Western Canada’s largest beach volleyball event. Big West Volleyfest. VBC also has leagues in Coquitlam and Kelowna.

VBC leagues are offered to individuals and teams who are looking to play grass or beach volleyball for a number of reasons. Some teams are comprised of old high school/university friends, some are made up from multi-sport backgrounds, and some are even made up from co-workers looking for a team building night!

All skill levels are welcome and teams will be placed into their pools each week based on how your team fairs with the others in your league! The 6’s format is by far the most social league we offer!

It’s real simple:

Pick the format of volleyball you want to play (2’s, 4’s or 6’s)
Confirm which weekday the league is on
Register your spot
Prepare your team!

Prizes for winners – Social and Inclusive –  We keep it fun!

Registration for Spring Start & Early Summer Start leagues open on Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Registration for Late Summer Start leagues open on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Priority Registration will be enforced for teams who register for King/Queen of the beach, Men’s/Women’s 2’s, Spanish Banks Coed 4’s, and Spanish Banks Coed 6’s and must be completed (including payment) before March 15th @ noon.

Priority Registration for Late Summer will run April 23rd – 29th, 2018. All registrations must be completed (including payment) by April 30th, or they will be dismissed.

Regular Registration for Late Summer leagues opens Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 (for all new teams and other registrations).

More information on “How to” Register can be found in each event tab.