BC Summer Games and Team BC 2012

BC athletes represented their zones extremely well at the recent BC Summer Games in Surrey.  Congratulations to all participants.!

BC Summer Games Medal Highlights:

Beach Male

Gold: Brar/McCrea (Zone 3)

Silver: Dunn/Wilson (Zone 3)

Bronze: Guidi/Hagen (Zone 3)


Beach Female

Gold: Chan/May (Zone 5)

Silver: Flink/Jennings (Zone 3)

Bronze: Roelants/Chahley (Zone 6)


Indoor Male

Gold: Zone 6 – Vancouver Island / Central Coast

Silver: Zone 3 – Fraser Valley

Bronze: Zone – Fraser Valley A


Indoor Female

Gold: Zone 5 – Vancouver / Squamish

Silver: Zone 3 – Fraser Valley

Bronze: Zone 6 – Vancouver Island / Central Coast


Zone 6 finished top in medal standings with 188 medals (29 being Gold); next closest being Zone 3 with 159

Full Beach Results

Link to BC Games full results:



National Team Challenge Cup Results:

Team BC  Men        4th and 6th

Team BC Women  4th and 11th.

Special congratulations to Jim Bell, Tyler Koslowsky and Alex Russell all making the Men’s Junior National Team as well as Juliana Kaufmanis and Nicola Laniuk-Etter for making the Women’s Junior National Team! In addition Krista Hogewoning was named a Tournament All-Star at the Women’s Competition.

2012 NTCC Final Standings Men and Women


2012 Western Elites Championships

After travelling for over 36 hours on a bus, the 17U Boys and 16U Girls competed in Manitoba and represented our Province extremely well!   Our women finished 3rd and 4th and our men came home with  2nd and 8th.  Way to go BC!

Western Elites Results