830 Reasons Why Your Club Team Is Making A Difference In BC

Don’t worry, we won’t list out each and every reason, but we are extremely proud of our club teams in BC and this is why…

With just over a month remaining in the 2017 Volleyball BC club season, can you guess how many tournaments we’ve run across the province so far?

40 Volleyball BC ran tournaments from January 2017 to March 2017 (sorry, not 830).

As you know with every tournament, as much fun as it is to participate and compete, there will always be teams who come away with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes. Volleyball BC has given away countless tourney swag as prizing which vary from t-shirts, hats, earphones, speakers, water bottles, bags – and this year we have partnered up with Your City Sports to hand out quality socks! Volleyball BC created custom socks for each region based on where the tournament was run, and the feedback so far is awesome!

Socks and underwear are among one of the highest needs for people who are homeless, less fortunate than others, and/or living on the streets. With the help of Carolyn Colwell, President of Your City Sports, each pair of VBC-custom socks ordered was matched by YCS to be donated to in-need communities in our region! So can you guess how many was donated through the VBC-YCS order?

830 pairs donated to 6 communities in need over 3 months!

With all of your involvement in our club tournaments so far, we were able to support some 830 people in need – and access to socks are sometimes taken for granted! This reason alone makes us all winners for making a very practical difference in the lives of hundreds of people around the Province. Wear your custom socks proud, champs.


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About Your City Sports

Your City Sports was founded in 2013 after volunteering for an event for the homeless where we learned that socks were the #1 need for people on the streets. At this event, we didn’t have any socks to give out and many of the homeless were looking for socks. We went home from that event and while putting away our sons’ brightly colored socks, we came up with a new idea on how to get socks to the homeless. This is how Your City Sports was born.