15/16U Volleyball BC Provincial Championships Wrap-up

Mother’s Day weekend, the 15/16U Provincial Championships took place at the Tradex Convention Centre in Abbotsford, BC. A total of 158 boys and girls club teams took part in the event and over 1900 athletes and 3500 spectators were on hand for the tournament.

Finals standings for all divisions is as follows:

 15U Girls - Division 1 15U Girls - Division 2 15U Girls - Division 3 15U Girls - Division 4
1stForce1stDucks Brittany1stCR Crush A1stNorthwest
2ndSeaside Surf2ndElevate Letwin2ndBCO Red2ndNorth Shore Stars Red
3rdVictoria Titans3rdI Dig It Fusion3rdApex Xplosion3rdFocus Primo
4thThunder Blue4thBCO Black4thApex Van4thAir Attack Black
5thTeam Performance5thRMVC Royals Blue5thAction5thVVC Black Voltage
6thT2 Crew6thSky Blue6thPGYVC Kodiaks Black6thPack
7thDucks HP7thI Dig It Renegades7thSky Red7thAce of Clubs
8thMariners Blue8thRaincity Rush8thDucks Janet8thSky White
9thInfinity9thPowell River Aces9thAlberni Airborne9thVolleytech '01 Bruce
10thThunder White10thSCVC10thMariners Black10thCV Strikers Blue
11thPGYVC Kodiaks Red11thPack Matt11thKVC Krush11thVictoria Red
12thAir Attack Gold12thCV Strikers White12thRMVC Royals White12thElevate Peters
13thSeaside Storm13thLC Stingers13thCR Crush B
14thSting Cobras14thVictoria Titans Westshore14thVolleytech '01 Lindsay
15thElevate Kampen15thVictoria Black15thPack Stephen
16thPacific Court Smash16thFocus Flames16thSubzero Summit
 15U Boys - Division 1
1stSeaside Sixpack
2ndPGYVC Kodiaks Red
3rdVictoria Chargers Red
5thAir Attack Gold
6thFocus Elevate
7thOrangemen Pasiciel
8thBCO Black
9thKVC Kourt 7
10thApex Surge
11thLake Country Lightning
12thAir Attack Black
14thPGYVC Kodiaks Black
15thOrangemen Stelzer
16thKVC Kourt 6
17thBCO Red
18thSubzero Wolfpack
 16U Boys - Division 1
1stSeaside Surf
2ndApex Massive
4thFocus Blur
5thOrangemen Joel
7thPGYVC Kodiaks Red
8thVictoria Chargers Black
9thAir Attack Gold
10thKVC Klutch
11thApex Paradox
12thAir Attack Black
13thKVC Kash
14thOrangemen Williams
15thFocus Flash
16thVictoria Chargers Red
18thSky Black
 16U Girls - Division 1 16U Girls - Division 2 16U Girls - Division 3 16U Girls - Division 4
1stVictoria Black1stTerrace Rage1stPack Travis1stRaincity Rebels
2ndTeam Academy Black2ndAction2ndApex Aces2ndPGYVC Kodiaks Black
3rdThunder Blue3rdT2 Crew3rdFocus Triple Impact3rdRaincity Riptide
4thDucks HP4thVictoria Red4thPack Mike4thSynergy 16+
5thTeam Academy Gold5thBCO White5thElevate Kampen5thElevate Dochuk
6thFVVC Blitz6thKVC Kwest6thFocus Titans6thSouth Cowichan
7thDig Dynasty7thMariners Jordan7thPVC Black7thValley Wolves
8thAir Attack Gold8thApex Prime8thVolleytech 2K8thPort Hardy Reigns
9thForce9thSky Blue9thMariners Taylor9thElevate Hennessy
10thCV Strikers10thPGYVC Kodiaks Red10thSubzero Black10thSubzero Bears
11thThunder White11thRaincity Rush11thSky White
12thInfinity12thCBVC Aces12thNorth Shore Stars Red
13thBCO Black13thSeaside Storm13thVelocity
14thCR Crush White14thBCO Red14thPack Sarah
15thDucks Jack15thChetwynd Raiders15thFVVC Impact
16thSeaside Surf16thAir Attack Black16thPVC Red

Match scores and results:

15U Boys Provincial Championship Full Match Results

15U Girls Provincial Championship Full Match Results

16U Boys Provincial Championship Full Match Results

16U Girls Provincial Championship Full Match Results

The official clothing and equipment retailer of the event, Canuck Volleyball, had a great selection of shirts and sweatshirts on sale along with shoes, socks, and anything else the athletes needed at the tournament.

Sumas Mtn. Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic was on hand all three days offering complimentary physio to the athletes along with their expert taping skills.

Our official event photographer was Paul Yates of Vancouver Sports Pictures and his team captured amazing images of the athletes all weekend long.

Baden is the official indoor ball of Volleyball BC and the new Baden Perfection was used exclusively at the 15/16U tournaments this year.

Event videos may be viewed on the VOLLEYBALL BC YOUTUBE CHANNEL

The event photos are shown below –